Wedding weekend in Windermere

It’s been super busy these past 6 (?) weeks. It feels so nice to have a weekend free when I have nothing planned. I can recharge my batteries and take the opportunity to catch up on my blogging. I’ve been to two Hen Do weekends, a Wedding weekend (this post), a week’s family holiday in York and a local foodie event!! I haven’t stopped till now. Anyhow, I’ll catch my breath and now pick up from where I left off. Mid-June…

My (not-so) little cousin Jo is getting married this year. So it was very exciting for all the family! The family event of 2015! I really wanted to blog about this as it was truly a wonderful and memorable weekend in Windermere.

Friday 19th June

We drove down to the Lake District on Friday evening (after Leigh had finished work). The female cousins went out for food at Wild & Co in Windermere whilst the male cousins joined the Groom-to-be for drinks in neighbour town of Bowness-on-Windermere.

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Wild & Co

We chose Wild & Co as it had good reviews and was known to be child-friendly. They were very good in accommodating a large party of people last minute. They also provided crayons and paper, as well as a Little people menu for our two year old.

I found the surroundings to be modern, relaxed and cosy. The menu was equally attractive and appealing.

I shared two starters with my cousin Carine, so we could have a try of both dishes. I had to try the Tempura goats cheese stuffed courgette flowers with wild honey, as had never come across it before at a restaurant. This was a stand-out dish. The batter wasn’t as light as it could have been. Not really Japanese tempura light but more fish batter from the chip shop. However, the flavours went so well together and it was incredible. Really light, tasty and moreish. I only wish I had ordered one of my own! The Crab & avocado stack was fresh and zingy. But it was nothing new and was overshadowed by it’s deep-fried superior peer.

Onto the mains. 3 out of 4 of us ordered the Crusted lamb rack. We all asked for it to be cooked medium-rare. Unfortunately, 2 out of the 3 lamb were way overcooked. Mine, luckily was a thicker piece of meat, so was cooked more medium than the others. All the components and flavours were there in the dish. The accompanying smoky puree and the crust were tasty. However, it was such a shame to see such inconsistencies in cooking across the table. What could have been another amazing dish was made mediocre by the overcooking of the main component. My cousin Minda had ordered the Fish pie with Isle of Mull cheddar crust. She thought this was alright but not the best she’d had.

We were all full by the time it was dessert, so we decided to share a Raspberry, meringue & cream type affair. I wasn’t enamoured by the dessert. I found it bitter in places (probably due to the freeze-dried raspberry pieces), which made it unpleasant to eat at times. There was just something not quite right about the dessert and it didn’t all come together well. The flavour profile could be improved but we managed to finish it all! The little one got a Brownie, which was quite rich and we were full so it didn’t get finished.

I enjoyed spending time with my cousins. Some, I don’t get to see very often. We all love our food and eating out. Wild & Co in Windermere was a pleasant night out with great company.

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The Grey Walls

Me and hubby stayed at The Grey Walls on Friday night. This is a budget hotel and was the cheapest rate I could find in Windermere at the time. It was £70 for a double room for one night with breakfast. The rooms aren’t the highest quality but you do get what you pay for. They are a bit tired looking and not the best maintained. However, it did the job for the one night we needed before moving onto the hotel the wedding was at the next day.

The bar was really accommodating in the night time. Even though it had shut (pumps had been taken off), hubby was allowed to continue drinking as they let him buy bottles of drink instead. Leigh wants to add that the cooked breakfast was really good. It certainly set us up for the day ahead.

Saturday 20th June

Jo & Chris’ wedding was held at the Beech Hill Hotel in Windermere. This a a popular hotel, probably due to its’ amazing view overlooking Lake Windermere. This hotel is pricier than the previous one but again, you get what you pay for. The room was modern, clean and comfortable. The surroundings and location are pretty and difficult to fault. The view of the lake from the balcony alone is worth paying for. The photos taken don’t really do it justice.

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Beech Hill Hotel

Lake Windermere

The ceremony was beautiful, like the bride! There was not a dry eye in the room and Jo had everyone in rapture.

Jo is a graphic designer and her creative flair and talent showed throughout her wedding. The giant ‘LOVE’ lit-up letters stood out and were great to take photos by earlier in the day. I particularly loved the handmade and designed touches like the Disney ‘Up’ inspired thumbprint guestbook.

I had my Wedding stationary designed by Jo. Completely bespoke and we loved it. Exactly what we wanted and more. If you’re interested, she’s on Twitter @Joannacreates and her website is

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Personal wedding details

The wedding breakfast tables were decorated with a pretty park & woodland theme. The weather had been gloomy during the wedding ceremony. We received favours of sunglasses, which were perfect, as the sun came out during the wedding breakfast! Hooray!

And onto one of my fave things in life: The food.

I got the Cocktail of Fresh salmon, avocado pear and tomato confit with toasted ciabatta. A yummy way to start a meal. Leigh got the Rustic Cumbrian farmhouse terrine with apple and sage relish. Leigh enjoyed his starter too.

The intermediate course was a Bramely apple and cider sorbet. I don’t drink alcohol and asked for mine to come without the cider. This wasn’t a problem and the sorbet was delicious! I could have eaten a bucket of it!

The mains were cooked well. I got the Pot-roasted fell-bred beef with shallots, wild mushrooms, cheddar mash and merlot fumet. Leigh got the Roast leg of lamb, potato dauphinoise, spinach crumble and minted roast jus. Both were very enjoyable. Only thing would have liked was more sauce for the lamb. I like my sauce like Manu from My Kitchen Rules! But, the meat was tender, fall-apart and moist on its’ own.

I got the Chilled white chocolate and raspberry marquise and Leigh got the Vanilla creme brulee with hazelnut shortbreadfor dessert. Mine didn’t have a lot to it and was a bit bland. Leigh wasn't fussed on his either. More Bramley apple sorbet for me please! ;–)

Overall, a very enjoyable meal!

Wedding breakfast

Thank you Jo and Chris for having us as part of your wedding. We wish you both all the happiness, love and laughter that you deserve. Love you xxx

Sunday 21st June

Time to leave the Lake District but not before heading to the flagship Lakeland store in Windermere. I didn’t get much but picked up a couple of flavourings (coconut &  butterscotch) and edible glue.

We popped upstairs to the First Floor Cafe. People tried the soup and sandwiches and found them to be tasty. I was drawn to the yummy looking cakes. Carine got the Victoria sponge with fresh strawberries, which I tasted and it was amazing! I got the carrot cake which was alright but not as good as the Victoria sponge.


Windermere First Floor Cafe


  1. That looks like a beautiful wedding and what a stunning wedding venue. It sound's like you have been so busy these last few weeks x

    1. Yes, it was a beautiful wedding and I have a lot more to blog about before i'm quite caught up! Better get to it, haha. Thanks for stopping by and reading :-)

  2. What a gorgeous weekend and all the food you had looked amazing! Memories to treasure x

    1. Lake District is a bit of a foodie haven. Definately amazing memories to treasure. Thanks :-)

  3. I haven't been the the Lake District for years. The hotel looks gorgeous and it looks like a beautiful wedding

    1. I had only been to lake district previously on school geography trips! So it was nice to see the other side of it - fine dining and posh hotels. It was a beautiful celebration, thanks! :-)


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