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Cake Toppers Review

I received a couple of free personalised cupcakes from Cake Toppers in return for a review. I snapped up this opportunity because I love all things cake!

I picked 2 images that I wanted to be used on my cupcakes. I decided on 2 of my favourite cakes – my own wedding cake (that my mother-in-law made in Summer 2012) and the first wedding cake I ever made (for my best friend Tor last Summer). After looking at the website, I asked if I could try the cupcakes in both classic sponge and chocolate flavours. This was fine and the cupcakes were delivered promptly and securely.

I missed the cupcakes when they came, so they went to the Post Office. I couldn’t collect them till till later in the week. I wasn’t sure how the quality of the cupcakes would be affected, as I wasn’t eating them straight away. The cupcakes were packaged well and were in good condition. They weren’t damaged in any way.

I thought the images were clear and I liked the different effects that the shape of the image…

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