Sloppy Joe’s Deli & Sandwich Bar

I was offered a free lunch by Sloppy Joe’s Deli & Sandwich Bar in return for a review. This is the first time I’ve done this so thanks to Sloppy Joe’s for the opportunity. I want to start by stating this review is my own honest opinion and a positive review is not guaranteed.

Sloppy Joe’s is located within the Grainger Market in my hometown of Newcastle. Grainger market is no longer known just for the market stalls, butchers and grocers. But it is becoming a popular place for independent street food eateries trading under one roof. Wide ranging cuisines from traditional Chinese dumplings to Turkish coffee and baklava.

I have walked past Sloppy Joe’s before and their display of sandwiches have looked mighty tempting. As well as ready-made sandwiches and salad bowls, they do a ‘Subway’ style of make up your own sandwich. You choose your outer, filling (including salad) and sauces from the sandwich-making bar.




I was surprised to find out what I would be reviewing was not a sandwich but in fact Rice paper rolls. This south-east Asian twist on the sandwich would not be the most obvious offering to find in an American style deli shop, however,  Sloppy Joe’s are trialling this for their menu. Rice paper rolls make a gluten-free, lighter and healthier alternative to current options of a baguette or Panini.

I got to try the Chicken rice paper rolls with a spicy dipping sauce.

The rolls have a pleasant flavour and are full of veg and fresh herbs. The accompanying sauce is full of flavour and goes well with the rolls.

My critique is the messiness of the dish which could do with some refinement. I found it difficult to eat a whole roll without some of the contents falling out. For me, street food has to be easily eaten whilst being out on the hop. I would have liked chopsticks to pick up the bits that had fallen out. But I guess that would defeat the object of these being an alternative to a sandwich, where you wouldn’t need an aid like a fork to eat it!

Leigh (the hubby) found the fresh herbs, especially the mint to be overpowering, so could only manage to eat one. I finished the rest as found the combination of flavours suited my palate. It’s notable though that this dish may not be to everyone’s tastes.

Leigh also would have liked more chicken in the roll and perhaps a sauce running through the roll to give it more moisture. I agree that the chicken could be more moist but I think the addition of a sauce in the roll would take away from its’ already fresh clean flavours present.

Overall, the crisp and punchy flavours in this dish will divide the lovers and the haters.


We couldn’t resist sampling one of the ready-made sandwiches on display, so bought a pastrami, emmental cheese and gherkins sandwich for £3.

There are a variety of sauces available where you can help yourself. It was nice to see Safari sauces in the selection. An independent eaterie supporting local produce. Leigh went for the garlic sauce and Piri piri sauce to go with our sandwich.

We’re both partial to an occasional Subway but we thought the flavours were cleaner in a Sloppy Joe’s sandwich. The overall sandwich tasted less processed, and at similar price points, I know which one I would choose if I was around in town! We should all strive to support local independent businesses. I’m already looking forward to returning and having a go at making my own sandwich ‘the Sloppy Way’.


Sandwich or Roll. What’s your lunch?


  1. Ooh I've never seen rice paper rolls as alternatives to sandwiches before. They look delicious. Really enjoyed reading your helpful review.

    1. Thanks for reading and your comment. I know, it is something a little different. We may see more of these alternatives in future :-)

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