Week of baking fun, family & friends! (9-15/6/14)

Last week has been a busy week for baking!!!

It's what I really enjoy doing and I see it as a way to practice my baking. I love to share what I bake with others :-)

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Family visited from India at the start of the week. I'd found out beforehand that the kids like chocolate cake, so I baked my chocolate & caramel cake for them. We enjoyed this at a family meal at Sky Chinese restaurant in Newcastle.

choc cake
Recipe: http://chowathome.blogspot.co.uk/2014/03/triple-layer-chocolate-caramel-cake.html

 We visited Alnmouth and Alnwick during the week and was very fortunate to hit a beautiful sunny and warm day. Perfect for the beach!


I received some lovely gifts from India! A pretty kaftan, Tulsi Masala Chai tea, Butter chicken spice mix, Saffron, a CD, make up bag and purse.


It was my friend Laura's birthday on Saturday and I found out she liked lemon cakes. I decided to make something a little bit different with a lemon twist. I made my courgette cake with lemon curd and lemon cream cheese frosting. This cake was my favourite bake of the week. The texture of the cake was spot on and the icing was delicious!

Weather turned out really well again for this occasion. We spent most of the afternoon and evening sat outside in the sunshine at the Ouseburn, Newcastle.

Recipe: http://chowathome.blogspot.co.uk/2014/04/courgette-cake.html

The week ended with my friend Amy's daughter christening on Sunday, where I baked a variety of cupcakes and cookies. I made two types of cupcakes: chocolate with caramel icing and caramelised biscuit cupcake with vanilla buttercream. I also made two types of cookie: peanut butter & chocolate chip cookies and oat & raisin cookies.


All went down very quickly at the Christening which was really lovely to see. And Amy got me these gorgeous flowers as a ‘thank you’.