Apricot cake and tea loaf

I had a bag of dried apricots that expired this month and also leftover caramel buttercream to use up. I looked up recipes that used a lot of dried apricots and came across this recipe for Apricot sticky toffee pudding by Chocolate & Zucchini.

I made a round cake and 5 mini tea loaves out of the recipe. I didn’t make the accompanying toffee sauce and opted to use my leftover caramel buttercream (from my chocolate & caramel cake recipe).



I think this is a decent recipe. They are similar to my Date & carrot loaf but are lighter and less dark in flavour. The only thing was the apricots I used weren’t the best. They were tart and quite hard so didn’t meld in the cake as well as they could. I reckon if I used sweeter, juicier and softer dried apricots then the result would be great!


  1. This sounds lovely. And quite easy to make, thanks for posting this recipe.


    1. Glad you like the recipe. Do let me know if you try making it and what you think. Thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

  2. Apricot Loaf Cake is a awesome dish, I really like it.

    Apricot Loaf Cake Recipes

    1. Pleased you like the recipe. Thanks for your comment :-)


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