I am re-joining the What I Ate Wednesday (WIAW) party today. WIAW was started by Jenn over at peas & crayons. It’s an invitation and opportunity to share a day’s eats every week on a Wednesday. You do this alongside a community of fellow bloggers doing the same. I took part in WIAW a few times during writing my wedding blog: Zoe & Leigh’s Big Day but I wasn’t consistent. I hope to take part regularly this time round with this blog.


So here goes with my first What I Ate Wednesday at Chow At Home. This post features eats from today!

I’m off work this week, so have been chilling at home all day.

Every day usually starts with a cup of tea. I'm currently drinking Twinings Everyday tea.  For breakfast I had a couple of slices of my homemade bread (that I baked the night before) with Whole Earth crunchy peanut butter and Bonne Maman raspberry jam.



For lunch, I tried new-to-me Lingon cordial from IKEA. It’s nice :)


Lunch was easy, as I’d done all the work beforehand. I had defrosted some of my boeuf bourguignon and mash that I’d made a couple of weeks ago. And reheated my roast vegetables (Chantenay carrots, mushrooms, red pepper, garlic & onion) leftover from last night. This was a really flavourful meal but very filling!



I had a cup of Whittard of Chelsea apple & mango tea later on.


And then it was time for dinner. Dinner, like lunch was quick to make. I had a Tesco healthy living Hot smoked salmon pasta with green vegetables and a crème fraîche & tarragon dressing. I added a sliced boiled egg on top. As lunch was so filling, I was glad to have a lighter dinner. I don’t eat much fish at home, so this made a nice change to usual dinner.


I had a chocolate & caramel tart (also from Tesco) with Ambrosia custard for dessert. I didn’t expect this to taste as good as it did. The tart was gorgeous! I would definitely get it again :)


All washed down with a glass of red grape Shloer.



  1. Happy WIAW! That bread looks so good. Do you have a bread machine? I love mine!

    1. Happy WIAW to you too! Thanks :) No, I don't have a bread machine - I make all my bread by hand. It's the best way! :)

  2. I've been making my own bread for a few years but mine has never looked THAT good! What's your secret!

    1. Thanks :) I went on a bread making course last May and have followed the same basic bread recipe since then. Don't think there's any secret - just I've got a good recipe and have put in lots of practice?! Hehe ;) Coincidentally, I'm going to write up the recipe sometime this week. There might be some helpful tips in it. Watch this space!


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