Valentine’s 2014: Surprise

It's our first year in our new house. I saw these initials and decided to treat the house for Valentine's :-)

Our initials in our new home

Friday 14th

With Leigh being a teacher and me being a youth worker, we are like passing ships during the week. He’s at work first thing in the morning and back in the afternoon, whilst I start work in the afternoon and finish at night. So, we didn’t see each other properly on Valentine’s day until I got back from work about 9pm. I came home to this lovely sight…

Valentine's surprise

…And a tasty home cooked dinner!

Home cooked dinner by Leigh

Such a sweetheart. We’ve been together for over 7 years and married for one and a half years. He still has his romantic moments! ;-) Bless him, after working so hard at school all week. I am a lucky girl! Leigh cooked steak, homemade chips, roasted cherry tomatoes with rosemary & garlic, and spicy smoky sweetcorn.

Steak, homemade chips, roasted cherry tomatoes
with rosemary & garlic, and spicy smoky sweetcorn

Very tasty! Lots of freshness and flavours going on in a plate. I love it when Leigh makes his homemade chips, as I never seem to get them right when I do them!

Saturday 15th

The next morning, Leigh also cooked breakfast. Love the weekends for this luxury, as makes a nice change from me cooking all the time! He made (some of his best ever) poached eggs and black pudding atop a toasted homemade milk bread plait. Delicious.

Leigh's breakfast of poached eggs and black pudding
atop homemade milk bread plait

poached eggs
Leigh's perfectly poached eggs: Yolk porn

Tonight, we’re cooking for our friends Tor & Chris, which is a lovely way to continue spending Valentine’s weekend. Hope you’re enjoying your weekend too! :-)


  1. Although we both work in schools, me and my fiancé barely see each other in the week by the time we've gotten home had dinner and got runs and footy training in. It was my turn to cook for him this Valentines and I loved having a chance to spoil him! Pretty Valentines flowers! :-)

    1. Ah, I feel for you both. I know how hard teachers work and it must be tough for you to spend quality time together. It's amazing you make the time for fitness activity amongst all the marking etc! It's lovely you got to spoil him for Val day. Hope you enjoy your half term :-)


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